September 19, 2014

You're the Worst: Season 1 Review

            One of the biggest surprises of the summer television season has to be FX’s You’re the Worst.  The marketing campaign for the series caught my eye but I never really intended to watch the low rated series until I was told by way too many that this was a show that deserved to be watched.  Indeed, You’re the Worst really is that good.  In many ways, You’re the Worst is the independent antidote from the more commercial comedies that constantly haunt the airwaves.  It has no recognizable actors and with not much pressure to be a breakout hit, this show is allowed to create a dark and snarky cover that masks its sweet center.

            You’re the Worst follows two self-destructive millenials as they try to keep a relationship going with each other.  The show (created and run by Stephen Falk) probably couldn’t have done much better than casting Chris Geere and Aya Cash as its two main leads.  Both of these characters could easily be tiring.  They have many problems and in some ways are meant to be unlikeable, but Geere and Cash have such amazing chemistry together that you can’t help but root for them the whole way.  Aya Cash is especially great and is easily the breakout star, but even the weaknesses of Chris Geere (he sometimes comes across as the poor man’s Martin Freeman and takes a while to settle into his role) are overshadowed by the chemistry that these two have.

            While a show following a relationship between two people has become quite clichéd this series somehow finds a way to not make you realize that.  Its darker and quirkier tone (which admittedly takes an episode or two to get used to) has a lot to do with this.  Its frank writing style also has a lot to do with this, and the visual style (which is clearly heavily influenced by 500: Days of Summer) also helps it standout with its constant use of split screens and other visual cues.

            Unfortunately, You’re the Worst has not been picked up for a second season yet.  That’s a shame as, even though, the first season ends in a satisfying manner so much of the show is constantly improving in the second half of the season (for instance the use of supporting players like Kether Donohue and Desmin Borges) that you just want to see how high this series could get in a second season.  Regardless of whether this is renewed or cancelled, You’re the Worst is a must watch.


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